Oil Stoves

Oil stoves are high up there on convenience and efficiency. With no refuelling required, oil stoves can be hooked up to your oil tank and feed from this. With the click of a button, you can switch on your oil stove providing decent heat to your room within minutes. No daily cleaning is required only annual maintenance. Oil stoves are ideal for the elderly and those less mobile, due to how easy they are to use.

Oil Stoves FAQ

  • How do oil stoves work?

    Oil stoves work by installing a system where oil is sprayed into a combustion chamber at high pressure and sparked by electricity to produce heat. Oil stoves are an alternative to electric stoves and traditional solid fuel stoves.

  • Are oil stoves dangerous?

    When installed properly, oil stoves and oil boilers are not dangerous. This being said, however, oil boilers and stoves should be serviced regularly to ensure safety and repairs should be done as soon as a fault is identified.

  • Where can I find oil stoves near me?

    Stove & Fireplace Fitters is a Tipperary oil stoves supplier and installer offering a range of oil stoves and supplies to customers across Tipperary and the surrounding areas.