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Stove Fitting & Installation

We here at Stove & Fireplace Fitters Ltd. are passionate about our comprehensive range of quality stoves. Not only are our stoves a smart, cost-effective home heating solution. They are also a beautiful addition to a home; often becoming the focal point in whichever room the stove is installed in. With a range of stove options than run from sleek modern designs, to more traditional shapes, we’re sure to have the stove shape and colour that complements your home’s unique aesthetic.

To help our customers in choosing the right stove, our expert on the road salesman can make house calls, to assess a client’s home. Allowing him to advise on the right stove for you and offer a comprehensive quote that covers both the stove and the installation process.

Why have your stove serviced?

Stove & Fireplace Fitters Ltd. offers our customers a competitively priced stove serving package. We firmly believe in the importance of regular services, the advantages of which are:

  • Extends the lifespan of a stove.

  • Keeps the stoves as energy efficient as possible.

  • Saves customers money in the long run.

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Solid Fuel Stoves

A solid fuel stove is an excellent addition to any Irish home. Most solid fuel stoves now are multi-fuel which means you can burn either dried wood or smokless coal in them for a warm, comfortable, and cost atmosphere in the home. Here at Stove & Fireplace Fitters Ltd. we stock a large selection of solid fuel stoves from our Tipperary stove & fireplace store, offering full installation and maintenance services to customers across Tipperary and the surrounding areas. From peat and coal stoves to wood pellet stoves and multi-fuel stoves, we stock an extensive range to suit all homes, with a variety of modern and traditional styles availabe to suit all tastes, preferences, and budgets. 

If you want to improve the heat efficiency of your home while also creating a beautiful focal point in your space, contact us for more on our range of high-quality Tipperary Solid Fuel Stoves today.

Stoves FAQ

  • I’m looking for a stove supplier near me- where is your catchment area?

    Stove & Fireplace Fitters is a Tipperary stove supplier offering a range of solid fuel stoves, electric stoves, and oil stoves for homes across Tipperary and the surrounding areas.

  • How much does it cost to get a stove installed?

    The cost of stove installation varies depending on the type of stove you buy and where you need it installed. Get in touch with our team for a free quote today.

  • Do you offer chimney cleaning for stoves?

    Yes, we offer full chimney cleaning and stove maintenance services to keep your stove working optimally and safely.